Right or Wrong ..??

At every point of our life, every day we hear many people telling us what to do and what not to do. They maybe parents, teachers, friends, family, relatives and sometimes even strangers. Most of the time we don’t care when strangers say us something because we don’t trust them and we believe in what people close to us say. Ok I know what your thinking, “What ever, what the heck is this all about !!??” Let me tell you a story.

right or wrongThere is this guy lets call him John. John studies very well and his parents want him to get into the best engineering colleges in the whole country. He did get a seat but one year through the college he quite it. I dont know if he was really interested in joining engineering but he loved to make movies. So he went into the film industry and started his carrier as a assistant director. He loved it so much and he soon became a Director. Now what this story has to do with your life?

Lets think what might have happened while he was in his junior college . May be his uncle told him to join engineering or his parents wanted him to. Maybe he listened to his friends or he din’t know that his wasn’t interested in it until he joined. What ever be the reason because he had the choice he quite it. But this might not be the situation in which we or someone we know might be in.
Sometimes some stranger might suggest something and all of a sudden it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. I’v heard people who dont have their kids in engineering tell about not getting jobs in engineering. But wait why the heck do people suggest something? Lets first know why in the first place people suggest something.

Some people tell it from their heart because they have come through all of that hard work and dont want more people to be like that. Wheras there are people who just say because they are jelous. What ever the reason is the truth is that its not their mistake. “Wait what! not their mistake?” …. Yes they have nothing to do with all of this as a matter of fact they even don’t know that its going to cause a problem to you. Every day we see people who think what they see or do is right thats because of the situations were in. Just think about how a corrupt officer thinks. Does he regret what he is doing? No, he dosen’t because he thinks what he does is right. Its the same with all of us all of our thoughts and intution is from our past experiences. So there is no reason to blame someone for being like this today. Does it mean you should not listen to anyone and just do what you want? That might sound like a good idea but its not. Here’s what you should do…

Not everyone knows whats going to come so they just tell something from their prespective . A carpenter says his job is the best and so does an engineer. It totally depends on the person . I think no one tells something that harms us atleast our family is an excemption. But still our elders were from an age where the situations and the way of life was different so they tell us what has been told to them. This is not how the world is today, so here’s what I suggest, either obey them or just make them understand how and why the things you do are right. Don’t try to prove them wrong because they might get stubborn and not even care to hear to you. And what about the people other than family? First listen to what they are saying and then analyze it. We are not cave men right? Just go online and ask people if it is true, ask them about their experiences. Finally if you think its good for you then go for it or just ignore it. And just dont believe what some one says and also DONT IGNORE something that a person takes his/her time to tell you. Even if you dont care just pertend as if you are interested because if we disappoint them there are chances that those worthy lessons might not reach the people in need. So lets be responsible and cooperative and help one another. Lets all grow together.